Premium Dog Boarding in Gurgaon CGS Hospital Ensures Comfort and Care

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  • 07 Dec 23

When it comes to ensuring the well-being of your beloved furry companions, choosing the right boarding service is paramount. In the bustling city of Gurgaon, CGS Hospital stands out as a beacon of exceptional pet care, offering top-notch dog boarding services that prioritize comfort, health, and attentive care for your pets.


Dog Boarding in Gurgaon: CGS Hospital’s Commitment to Excellence


At CGS Hospital, we understand the significance of providing a comfortable and safe environment for pets while their owners are away. Our air-conditioned kennels ensure that your furry friends are housed in a climate-controlled space that promotes relaxation and comfort throughout their stay.


Unrivaled Attention and Care


One of the hallmarks of our dog boarding service is the attentive staff dedicated to maintaining cleanliness and ensuring your pet’s comfort at all times. We take pride in meticulous monitoring, observing your pet's elimination habits, appetite, and overall well-being. Our trained professionals make it their priority to ensure your pet feels at ease and receives the care they deserve.


Nutrition and Exercise: The CGS Advantage


Pets boarded at CGS Hospital are treated to fresh, nutritious meals tailored to their dietary needs. In cases where pets have specific dietary requirements or are on packaged food, owners have the option to provide their pet's preferred meals for continuity.


Exercise is vital for a pet’s physical and mental well-being. Our facility ensures dogs receive adequate exercise, with routines that include four daily sessions. This commitment to physical activity helps maintain their health and happiness during their stay.


Comprehensive Facilities Beyond Boarding


At CGS Hospital, our dedication to pet care extends far beyond boarding services. We offer a separate area for cats, ensuring they have a comfortable and stress-free environment. 

CGS Hospital stands out with cutting-edge healthcare. Specializing in minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopy, diagnostic endoscopy, in-house dedicated laboratory, computed radiography, and advanced medical facilities for diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, we cater to pet needs with accessories and an in-house pharmacy for comprehensive care. At CGS Hospital, we redefine veterinary care through innovation, expertise, and compassionate service, ensuring your pet's well-being is our top priority.


Early Booking Convenience


To facilitate a seamless experience for pet owners, CGS Hospital offers early booking through This allows you to secure a spot for your pet’s boarding needs, ensuring peace of mind and convenience in planning their stay.


At CGS Hospital, we take pride in providing a holistic approach to pet care, blending medical expertise with compassionate attention. Our dog boarding services in Gurgaon prioritize your pet’s comfort, health, and happiness, offering a home away from home that you can trust.


Important Note: Please be advised that for Dog Boarding at CGS Hospitals in Gurgaon, a kennel cough vaccination must be administered at least 72 hours before boarding.