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  • 11 Jan 24

Heartworm disease is a serious condition that can cause lung illness, cardiac failure, impairment to other organs, and in extreme cases, fatalities in your pets.  Ferrets, dogs, and cats are frequently affected by this infectious illness. Any symptoms of this disease emanating from your pet should be an instant alarm for you to look for the best pet hospital nearby.

What does heartworm illness entail?

Dirofilaria immitis, a parasitic worm, is the primary trigger of heaorm illness, which is mostly transmitted by bites from mosquitoes.

Verified hosts are animals such as dogs, cats, and ferrets that harbor worms that eventually grow up to become adults, pair up, and give birth to offspring. Since the worms reside in an infested pet's lungs, heart, and blood vessels, this hazardous illness is known as heartworm disease.

The symptoms of heartworm disease

Heartworm disease usually doesn't show symptoms until it's far along in the illness. Heartworm illness is most commonly characterized by an enlarged abdomen, coughing, exhaustion, loss of appetite, and breathing troubles.

How does the vet screen for heartworms in the pet?

Blood tests can be performed by your veterinarian to identify heartworm proteins, also known as antigens, that enter the bloodstream of your pet. It takes at least five months after the pet receives a bite from an infected mosquito for heartworm proteins to be discovered.

Remember that heartworm medication can be harmful to your pet's body and lead to major side effects. In addition, the cost of therapy escalates due to the necessity of numerous veterinary appointments, blood tests, hospital stays, x-rays, and injections.  That implies that the most effective treatment for heartworm illness is prevention.  Nevertheless, your veterinarian will offer treatment choices if your pet gets detected with heartworms.

The process of keeping your pet from contracting heartworms

Maintaining your pet's preventive medicine regimen is crucial in preventing heartworm illness. We advise dogs to have annual heartworm testing, even if they are currently receiving preventive medicine.

Preventing heartworm infection is far safer, simpler, and less expensive than treating it once it has advanced. A further benefit is that certain drugs used to treat heartworm disease can also aid in guarding against other parasites like hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. 

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