Visiting a dog and cat clinic here is what to do before and after

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  • 02 Mar 23

A responsible pet parent understands how regular veterinary visits contribute to a pets well-being. The vet would check all aspects of your pets health during the visit to ensure that your pet is in the best health. However, the benefits from visiting a dog and cat clinic vary as per your role in the process. Yes, a pet parent has a crucial role to play in the check-up process as well as emergencies and after-care.

Things you need to know or do as a pet parent:

Before an appointment

  • The vet would require some basic information about the pet, especially if it is your first time with the hospital. The key information that you should have handy includes:
    • The medication details, if any
    • Food the pet eats regularly
    • Notes on eating and drinking habits
    • Toilet habits
    • History of travel
    • Ticks bite record
    • Vaccine status and past medical records
    • Handling the pet
  • Be it a cat or a dog, they are very good at sensing a stressful situation in advance and becoming anxious. Also, walking into a completely new atmosphere and interacting with a stranger can take a toll on their mental health and peace of mind. To help your pet come out of the stress, you must make arrangements in advance.
    • Take your pet’s favourite toys with you
    • Offer your pet food and water before the visit (please note, some tests may require an empty stomach)
    • Bring your pet’s favourite treat with you to the hospital
  • You must also inform the hospital staff if your dog has problems with other pets around.

In case of emergency?

Health emergencies in pets are as common as in humans. You need to be prepared to face any unannounced problem with your pet. Some common pet emergencies include:

  • Weird breathing pattern
  • Inability to move
  • Seizures and unconsciousness
  • Vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Bleeding from random points (eyes, ear, nose, mouth)
  • Bloody poop or urine
  • Trauma or injury

To identify an emergency, you must have complete knowledge about the normal behaviour of your pet. Also, you must be always watchful of your pets activity to quickly catch a change in routine.

After the visit to the dog and cat clinic

Depending on the reason you visited the dog and cat clinic in the first place, you need to choose the right approach to aftercare. If you were at the vets clinic for a routine exam, you wound not have to do much than schedule the next visit. However, if you are there for any other reason like poor health or an emergency, you must follow the vets instructions carefully and offer the right medication to your pet.

You must choose the right dog and pet clinic for your pet. A credible veterinarian is what your dog and cat need besides your love and care when they are in need.