Pet care center in gurgaon for dental health check-ups of your pets

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  • 19 Dec 22

Many pet owners might not realize how crucial dental care is for their animals. They neglect to bring their pets in for a yearly dental examination. This lack of preventative treatment puts many of these pets at risk for developing gum disease, tooth decay and loss, and a variety of cardiac issues. If you are concerned about your pet’s oral care or related health issues you can take them to a reliable pet care center in Gurgaon but before that let’s understand the reasons why dental health is crucial for pets:

Halt the decay of the teeth
The bone and cartilage that holds your pet's teeth in place may begin to deteriorate if left untreated. This may result in the eventual loss of your cat or dog’s teeth over time. They will find it exceedingly challenging to chew and this may also inhibit their appetite, leading to undernourishment or other health issues. 

Avoid Needless Organ Damage
Another reason why your pet's oral health is so crucial is to prevent unneeded organ damage. Your dog or cat's bloodstream may become contaminated with the bacteria under plaque. Heart, liver, and/or renal failure could result from this, among other issues. You should therefore pay attention to your pet's dental health and make sure that he or she is not exhibiting any concerning symptoms.

How to Prevent Periodontal Disease in Your Pet
The prevention of periodontal disease is one of the key reasons your pet's oral health is crucial. The plaque on your pet's teeth, if not removed timely can harden and become tartar. It can be readily removed by a vet; However, tartar can result in serious gum infection and inflammation as it descends beyond the gum line. This may ultimately result in gingivitis and tooth loss for your pet.

Help get rid of bad breath
Have you ever smelled the breath of your dog or cat? Was it utterly horrible? If so, this can indicate that the pet has germs growing inside their mouth. To avoid bacteria accumulating and emitting that revolting odor, it is crucial to routinely brush your dog's or cat's teeth. When your pet gets an annual physical check-up at a pet care center in Gurgaon, you can ask a dentist for some at-home advice to manage their oral health.

If you want to prevent your pet from needless suffering and safeguard his or her dental health, contact CGS Hospital to set up an appointment. Apart from oral care, your pets will obtain thorough treatment for any other diseases or emergency injuries in our center. Every creature suffering from any illness that walks through our door is treated with care and enjoyment.