The Best Veterinary Doctors in Delhi

  • CGS Hospital
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  • 14 Jun 23

Pets, no matter dogs or cats, fall sick during season changes, catch infections and flu as well as meet accidents resulting in injuries and complications. They can also suffer from eye, bone, and organ issues like cataracts, loose teeth, hip dysplasia, etc. A vet must ensure your pet is taken good care of and treated for any disease or condition that it might be dealing with.

If you are from Delhi, you must have heard of CGS Hospital in Gurugram offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and pet care. We are the first corporate veterinary hospital to offer CT scans and dedicated ophthalmology services to pets. We are happy to announce our new Veterinary Care Center at Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. We have an in-house pharmacy, pet store, separate OPD & IPD for dogs and cats, daycare facility, diagnostic facility, and internal medicine.

But what makes us the best is a team of dedicated, experienced, and skilled veterinary doctors who are passionate about taking care of your pets.


To become a certified veterinary doctor in India, one must pursue a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) degree followed by MVSc or its related specialization to become a certified Veterinary Doctor. Our vets are graduated and have specialization from one of the most esteemed veterinary colleges in the world.   

License and registration:

After completing the educational requirements, veterinarians have to apply for a license and registration with Veterinary Council in India. Only after the license and registration, a veterinary doctor becomes credible to practice vet medicine. Our vets have proper licenses and registration and have been practicing veterinary medicine for years.

Check the specialty:

Veterinarians must pursue a specialty program, to complete their program. The vet would choose to specialize in dentistry, surgery, general medicine, or more and accordingly pursue a course and get certified. In most cases, the vet, in order to complete the certification, may need to gain certain years of experience.


Finally, you must not miss checking the experience of the vet. The more qualified and experienced they are, the better they would be able to help and treat your pet.

Visit the vet:

It is best to visit the vet personally and know how compatible your pet and the vest are. Animals, just like us humans, need to be in a comfortable environment to feel safe. Once they feel safe, they would allow the vet to touch them, examine them and treat them easily. You must take your pet along when you visit the vet.

At CGS Hospital, Sarojini Nagar, we have the best-in-class veterinary doctors in Delhi. Our vets are qualified and licensed with experience in their specialized areas. They ensure to make your pet feel safe and comfortable and never leave a stone unturned to offer the best services and treatment for your darling pet.