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  • 26 Oct 22

It is the season of festivals, weddings and travel, of merriment and time spent with family and friends. While pet parents are looking forward to enjoying themselves they are also worried about their furry babies who are the most anxious at this time. Be it loud crackers, an empty home, or a strange-smelling kennel pets respond differently to stimuli. Here is a lowdown on anxiety in pets and tips for pet parents to pacify them.

Signs to look out for

If your pet has been acting in an odd manner and showing signs of aggression like snapping at you or the house help; peeing on your bed, drooling, indulging in destructive behaviour such as chewing your shoes or the cushions, or appearing depressed and lethargic, it is your cue to head to your neighborhood pet care centre.  

Cause and because

Anxiety is a difficult emotion to deal with. It gets worse when we are unable to pin-point a reason for our pet’s discomfort. Medical experts share reasons for our pet’s anxiety: fear of loud sounds, an unfamiliar environment; separation from family, rehomed, or left alone; aging dogs who may experience confusion adds to the stress. If your pet is experiencing any of these do visit a pet care centre where an able veterinarian will assess him and diagnose an underlying illness, if at all.

Ways to alleviate anxiety in pets

Keeping in mind the frail psychological and emotional situation of our fur babies, we need to handle them patiently and sensitively. Hence shouting or hitting is counter-productive and highly avoidable.

  • Training: We can begin by gradually exposing them to the same sounds that scare them but in the safety of the house. Over time pets learn to be comfortable and can be rewarded with treats. Do note – this is a long-term exercise, do consult your vet beforehand.
  • Remedies: To help calm your pet introduce him to natural remedies such as a scented collar, room diffusers, and treats available in the market. They can have an effect by themselves or in tandem with the medicines prescribed by a vet.
  • Know your pet well: Pet parents need to be so clued into the pet that they know right away when the pet is excited, depressed or fearful. Make a list of his trigger points and find ways to avoid them. If thunder and rain get him started, put on calming music to simply distract his attention. 

If at all, you have to leave the pet during festival, leave them in the care of expert veterinarians at CGS veterinary hospital where all their immediate needs can be addressed. We provide boarding services with separate kennels and cattery for dogs and cats respectively. They will be under the care of skilled staff. You can take advantage of the opportunity and book a grooming session with services such as Shampooing, Conditioning, Blow Dry, Nail Clipping and Hair Cutting, etc.