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  • 19 Jan 23

Fostering a pet is like raising a living being for whom you are ready to put in the extra effort. As a pet parent, you need to know what your pet loves to eat and what they dislike the most. Above all, you need to ensure that your pet is healthy as they are not able to tell on their own. Constant monitoring and regular check-ups with an experienced veterinarian can be helpful in taking good care.

Apart from this, grooming, boarding, IPD/OPD, or emergency services might be required. So, it becomes necessary to consult a nearby pet hospital to meet the health demands of your adorable pet.

CGS Hospital is one of the best pet hospitals in Delhi NCR offering advanced veterinary services for the well-being of small animals. Additional services that a pet hospital offers are:

Effective Vaccinations & Preventions

Safeguarding your pet from deadly diseases through timely vaccination reflects long-term health benefits. It would not only prevent your pet from disorders and diseases but will enhance the longevity of your pet.

Simultaneously, veterinarians will conduct alternate wellness examinations. From working closely to bringing a preventive care plan that will meet the overall health needs of your pet, they will ensure that your pet remains healthy at all times.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Maintaining oral health is very important as this can prevent various systemic diseases. Bad dental conditions can lead to kidney, liver, and heart diseases. CGS Hospital offers extraction and dental surgeries to remove infected teeth and tissues. Other services may include cleaning and polishing teeth to improve your beloved pet? overall health.


Physiotherapy for pets can prevent suffering from a range of conditions such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, strains, sprains, or post-operative rehabilitation. This newly launched service at the CGS hospital covers various treatments such as Therapeutic laser, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation (TENS), Interferential therapy, Muscle Stimulators, Therapeutic ultrasound, and Infrared rays. The benefits of physiotherapy are:

1. Reduce swelling & pain

2. Increases the healing process

3. Improve circulation

4. Decreases nerve sensitivity

In the end, it is advised to always visit reputed pet hospitals to facilitate the utmost quality care for your loving pet. On-time care of your pet will allow them to remain healthy and fit for a long time. Contact CGS Hospital, one of the most preferred pet hospitals in the Delhi NCR region.