CGS Pasha Wing

Welcome to CGS Pasha Wing

CGS Hospital has established a dedicated unit for destitute dogs and cats at the hospital premises. Christened “The Pasha Wing”, in remembrance of a beloved soul, the unit will cater primarily to sick and ailing dogs and cats rescued from the streets.

Inaugurated on 30th December 2019, we hope that this new venture inspired purely out of “love for the voiceless” will enable more people to rescue and aid helpless injured and ailing stray dogs and cats.

As part of the philanthropic activities of the CGS Charitable Trust, the Pasha wing will provide discounted rates on all veterinary services which includes Health Checks, Vaccinations, Diagnostics ( X-ray, Ultrasonography, Echocardiography, CT Scan), Routine Surgeries (castration, spaying), Specialized Advanced Surgeries.