Dr. Vikash Singh Chauhan

Assistant Director

Dr. Vikash Singh Chauhan graduated from Veterinary College, Bangalore in 2009, after which he earned his masters in the department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology from LLRUVAS, Hisar. He worked in companion animal practice in Delhi and Chandigarh for three years before he joined CGS Hospital in 2013.

He is been trained in Veterinary Diagnostic Endoscopy and Surgical Laparoscopy in Germany in 2016 and Small Animal Computed Tomography (CT scan) in Italy in 2019 by European School of Advanced Veterinary Studies. He is trained in Veterinary Cardiology and Orthopaedics by finest veterinarians form USA and Europe.

His best fields are Radiology (CT scan, Ultrasonography, Echocardiography and X-ray), Veterinary Diagnostic Endoscopy, Abdominal and Thoracic Laparoscopic surgery, Orthopaedics and Soft tissue surgery. He is a member of American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) and International Veterinary Radiology Association (IVRA).

He is the first certified Veterinary Radiologist in India to start and standardise CT scan in small animal clinical practice. He has keen interest in ophthalmology.

He has been trained in skin grafting and axial flap pattern by Southpaws Veterinary Hospital Australia. He is expert in small animal neurology and is trained by experts from Royal Veterinary College London in small animal spinal surgeries.

He is an expert speaker and coach on Veterinary Laparoscopic Surgery and has trained many vets in laparoscopic surgery.

He is an expert speaker and trainer in Small Animal Ultrasound and have trained various vets from different parts of country.

• Speciality Minimal invasive surgery, neurosurgery and Radiology
• Degrees M.V.Sc (Vet. Surgery & Radiology)
• Hobbies Photography, Traveling