Case Of The Month

Case Of The Month

Case Of The Golden Bell

A 4-month-old female golden retriever puppy was presented to us with the history of constant vomiting for a day. A thorough physical examination revealed pain in the abdomen. We immediately got an abdominal x-ray done which showed a foreign body lodged in the intestine.

Minimally invasive gastro-duodenoscopy was attempted to retrieve the object, however, the object was not seen! The object had descended further! Hence, the procedure was immediately converted to an enterotomy and a golden bell was retrieved from the small intestine. The intestine was aseptically sutured. The pup has recovered very well and is up to her mischief!

Timely diagnosis of such events especially in puppies is paramount. Often, a sock/ bell/ stone can move out of the stomach and descend into the intestine and get lodged. We always advise keeping small knick-knacks and easily ingestible toys away from puppies!