Case Of The Month

Case Of The Month

Sliding Z plasty procedure Reconstructive eyelid surgery

Case history:

A stray dog was presented at PASHA Wing of CGS Hospital with the history of injury to the left lower eyelid, upper eyelid defect and third eye lid - Symblepharon , due to a dog bite wound. The case was presented many days later hence granulation of the wound was obscuring the visual perception of the affected eye. Reconstructive surgery was advised to correct eyelid defects and symblepharon.

Eyelid function:

Primary function of the eyelids is to provide protection to the eye/ globe, and maintaining the moistening of the cornea. The upper eyelid is more mobile than the lower eyelid and more important in covering the cornea. The upper eyelid is essential for the blink reflex. Hence eyelid defects and injuries can cause constant irritation to the cornea leading to injury to the cornea and dryness of the eye.


In this case reconstructive surgery on the eyelids was performed by the technique known as ‘ Sliding Z plasty’ , and the third eyelid was resected. The defect was opposed using fine(4-0) non absorbable suture material. Normal healing took place, sutures were removed 12 days post surgery.

Case operated by CGS Veterinary Ophthalmologist.