• 25 APR 18
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    Show Them You Care!

    Having a pet in your family not only gives you immense happiness but that pet soon becomes a part of your family. Eventually, you stop calling them your pet but by their name. Since you love your pet so much that it is a part of your family then you must keep it well-groomed at all times. There are many pet grooming services in Gurgaon which you can avail and keep your pet groomed.

    Before proceeding with pet grooming services in Gurgaon, there are few things which you should keep in mind.

    • No one but you know your pet- There are times when pets do not feel comfortable. It might happen that the clinic which you plan to visit might be loud or because of the presence of many other pets, your pet might get stressed. Since you know how your pet reacts in/to different situations, you should always inform the clinic before paying a visit in case any such special arrangements are to be made.
    • Do not drop randomly- It is always advisable to pay a visit to the clinic before booking an appointment and introduce your pet to the groomer and surroundings of the clinic. Even at home you can help and get your pet accustomed to kind of environment and touch which might happen during the grooming session.
    • Towards a healthy life- Regular grooming also ensures that your pet is healthy since they can be checked for any kind of abnormalities by the professional groomer. It is advisable to get pets groomed every four to five weeks which will keep them clean as well as healthy.

    CGS Hospital provides some of the best pet grooming services in Gurgaon with some really qualified and friendly vets who will ensure the health of your pet. So, visit them now!