We currently offer grooming services like Shampooing Hair, Conditioning, Blow Dry, Nail Clipping and Hair Cutting for your Pets. Pets are kept in a safe & friendly atmosphere and we ensure that they are never exposed to unvaccinated animals. We require all grooming pets to be vaccinated for your pet’s safety. If your pet has a medical concern, you can request an examination by one of our doctors at the hospital.

All Pets brought for Grooming should have a sound temperament. We do not provide these services to aggressive pets. Pets must be in good health and should be current on vaccinations.

Spa Services

Some of the features you can find here:

  • Veterinarians are present round the clock to closely monitor your pet’s health.
  • Regular interval check-up to rule out any sudden complications.
  • Food provided as prescribed by the veterinarian.
  • The owner is updated on the progress of the pet during visiting hours only.
  • De-Matting: Kindly note the prices vary depending on The condition of hair, as a mat- spitting takes a lot of time and effort. Kindly note if the dog's coat is really matted/ thick, extra charges will be added.
  • De-shedding: The tool is used if a lot of loose hair needs to be removed and controlled.
  • Ear Clean.
  • Nail Clipping.
  • Hair Styling/ clipping.
The owner needs to fill in the consent form to allow the veterinarians to take the necessary steps for the effective recovery of the patient. Owners will be updated about their pet’s progress during visiting hours only
Visiting Timings: Mon to Sun, 5 pm to 6 pm
0124-4115580/82 or 8826005580/82