Case Of The Month

Case Of The Month

Oesophageal Foreign Body

Khushi, 18 month old female mixed breed neutered stray, with history of chronic vomiting soon  after eating was presented at PASHA wing for further diagnostics and treatment.

Khushi was being treated for chronic vomiting with standard I/v fluids, antibiotics, anti-emetics, antacids and supportive.

Tentative diagnosis: 
Mega-oesophagus, foreign body.

Plain X-ray followed by barium meal X-ray of the thoracic region was performed, radio opaque foreign body at the caudal end of the oesophagus was visualised. 

Physical exam: 
Loss of body mass, pale mucous membranes and dehydration was present. Basic blood test for CBC and biochemistry was performed and I/v fluids were administered along with supportive medication. Patient was able to keep down clear liquid diet without vomition. 

Explorative endoscopy was performed under general anaesthesia using isoflurane gaseous anaesthesia. Caudal oesophageal foreign body was visualised and retrieved. Foreign body mostly consisted of chicken bones and undigested food particles lodged in the oesophagus. The patient recovered from the procedure uneventfully. Follow up treatment with gastric protectants, antacids, antibiotics and supportive was prescribed.

Advice: Refrain from feeding bones to pets and strays as they can easily splinter and get lodged in the oesophagus or gastric mucosa, leading to obstruction, and perforation.