CGS Hospital is the first corporate veterinary hospital to set-up a dedicated Veterinary Ophthalmology Unit in India. We utilize the latest technology available for cataract surgery. The Bausch and Lomb Stellaris Vision Enhancement System is used in restoring vision in human cataracts and we are proud to offer this technology for our veterinary patients! Stellaris technology maximizes surgical efficiency, reduces surgical time, and results in even better patient outcomes.

Diagnostic services offered:

  • Ophthalmic consultation
  • Basic eye diagnostic tests
    • Schirmer’s tear test - to check tear production
    • Fluorescein dye test - to rule out corneal ulcers
    • Direct ophthalmoscopy
    • Indirect ophthalmoscopy
    • Fundoscopy
    • Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy
    • Tonometry - to rule out Glaucoma
  • Ocular Ultrasonography
  • Electroretinography (ERG)
  • Cytology
  • Biopsy

Surgical services offered:

  • Extra-ocular surgeries – surgeries involving the eyelids, third eyelid, naso-lacrimal duct, surgical treatment of corneal ulcers, grid keratotomy, conjunctival flaps/grafts, medial canthoplasty, etc.
  • Intra-ocular surgeries – Cataract, Glaucoma correction, removal of dislocated lens

Medicinal management of various common eye ailments and other breed predispositions and eye preventive treatment is also offered.

OCT- Optical Coherence Tomography

An OCT is a non-invasive medical imaging technique, using light waves, to acquire detailed and high-resolution images of your pet's eye. This helps Veterinarians to diagnose and manage your pet’s eye condition.

OCT imaging is used to provide details of the different structures of the eye such as retina and cornea.  They assist in early detection and monitoring of various diseases such as corneal ulcer, corneal dystrophy, glaucoma and Retinal Degeneration and Retinal Detachment.

CGS hospital is proud to offer this advanced diagnostic technology for your pet's eye care.

Other Specialities