• Outdoor Patient Department

    At CGS Hospital, we have 2 OPDs for dogs and a separate OPD for cats, which is operational 7 days a week between 8 AM to 7 PM. We recommend Annual Physical Examination of your pet for good health and early detection of illnesses.

    • In-Patient Department

      In-Patient Kennel: There are many times when you might have felt that only you could provide that special care to your pet during the time of its illness. You can trust CGS Hospital for that special care and may leave those thoughts behind. At CGS Hospital, we have special kennels enclosures for dogs & cats that are under medication and needs to be monitored at frequent intervals.

      Some of the features you can find here:

      • Veterinarians are present round the clock to closely monitor your pet’s health.
      • Regular interval check-up to rule out any sudden complications.
      • Food provided as prescribed by the veterinarian.
      • Owner is updated on the progress of the pet during visiting hours only.


      1. The owner needs to fill in the consent form to allow the veterinarians to take the necessary steps for effective recovery of the patient.
      2. Owners will be updated about their pet’s progress during visiting hours only

      Visiting Timings:Mon to Sun 5pm to 6pm

    • Post Operative Ward

      Separate kennels for post operative pets for special care and monitoring.

      • Infectious Ward

        Separate ward for treating infectious diseases.

      • Holiday Boarding Kennels/Cattery

        There are times when you have to leave your pets back home during your holidays or a business tour and the only thing that makes you worry is the safety and health of your companion. CGS Hospital offers a home away from home for your pets while you are travelling. At CGS, a relaxed and comfortable environment is provided to them where they can enjoy their stay. We ensure that your pets spend a good holiday time with plenty of exercise and stimulation.

        When you board your pet with CGS hospital, you are assured that your pet gets the best treatment available.

        Some key features are as follows:

        • Air-conditioned kennels /Cattery.
        • Attentive staff to ensure that kennels and exercise areas are clean and comfortable.
        • Pets are monitored very carefully during its stay by our staff for elimination habits, appetite and overall well-being.
        • Pets are fed fresh food. In a case if the pet is on packaged food, the owner shall provide the food.
        • Dogs are exercised four times a day.
        • Cats are provided separate area for boarding with all the above mentioned facilities.

        CGS Hospital reserves the right to reject any boarding. We do not board puppies/kittens of less than 4 months of age, aggressive pets and bitches on season. We recommend a visit with your pet to CGS Hospital to see our boarding facilities. Please request for boarding for your pets at least 2 weeks in advance. Our veterinarians prefer to check the pet before boarding to rule out any sickness and that the pet is free from fleas, ticks and internal parasites. All pets will be given a tick /flea shampoo, treatment at the time of boarding at owner’s cost. Please carry your pets’ vaccination card to ensure that they are current on vaccinations.

        Check-In time: Morning 9AM – 10 AM.

        Check-Out time: Morning 9AM – 10 AM, 5PM – 6PM.

      • Emergency

        We provide emergency services round the clock by highly qualified Veterinarians and necessary staff on duty not only to treat your pet but to monitor it throughout the night as well. We have emergency ward with 24 hrs patient monitoring with life saving drugs & gases.

      • Grooming

        Grooming Services: 

        We currently offer grooming services like Shampooing Hair, Conditioning, Blow Dry, Nail Clipping and Hair Cutting for your Pets. Pets are kept in safe & friendly atmosphere and we ensure that they are never exposed to unvaccinated animals. We require all grooming pets to be vaccinated for your pet’s safety. If your pet has a medical concern, you can request an examination by one of our doctors at the hospital.

        All Pets brought for Grooming should have a sound temperament. We do not provide these services to aggressive pets. Pets must be in good health and should be current on vaccinations.

        Spa Services:

        We provide following services:

        • Shampooing Hair
        • Medicated Bath for Ticks, Fleas and Skin Infections.
        • Conditioning (Bath Conditioner, Grooming lotion and Conditioner Spray)
        • Oil Bath
        • Oil Massage for Dandruff related issues (if any)
        • Blow Dry
        • De-Matting: Kindly note the prices vary depending on condition of hair, as mat- spitting takes a lot of time and effort. Kindly note if the dogs coat is really matted/ thick, extra charges will be added.
        • De-shedding: The tool is used if a lot loose hair needs to be removed and controlled.
        • Ear Clean
        • Nail Clipping
        • Hair Styling/ clipping

        The prices of these services will differ depending on the size of the dog and coat condition (matted, scruffy & dry)

        Note:  Please call CGS Hospital between 9 am -1 pm to fix an appointment on the following numbers:  0124-4115580/82 or 8826005580/82

      • In Emergency

        Call us at : +91 - 8826005582/80,
        0124 - 4115580
      • OPD Hours

        • MON - SUN
          8 AM - 7 PM
        • EMERGENCY
          7 PM - 8 AM
        • Clinic Hours
        • MON - SUN
          9 AM - 6 PM