Dr. Anubhav Singh

Jr. Veterinarian

Dr. Anubhav Singh is graduated (BVSC & AH) from Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) after which he earned his post graduation (MVSC) in the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine from Veterinary University (DUVASU) Mathura, specializing in tickborne infectious diseases of canines and felines.

He is member of Indian Society Of Veterinary Medicine (ISVM) and Veterinary Internal and Preventive Medicine Society (VIPM).

Dr. Anubhav has special interest in dermatology, gastro-enterology, ultrasonography, pet nutrition, puppy care and preventive and clinical medicine and had completed extensive training in companion animals at the university.

He regularly attends conferences and seminars frequently to increase his knowledge and be up to date. He had also published many research articles and presented papers in various national level conferences where he won many prizes and appreciation. He is always researching the latest technology available to keep the clinic modern and follow the latest clinical practise.

His father and brother are also veterinarian and therfore since his childhood he got lots to learn from his father? professional expeperience and clinical expertise.

When doctor is not working, he loves to watch movies, play cricket, chess and badmimton, family trips and partying, trekking, travelling to hill station and scene of natural beauty.