• 18 OCT 16
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    Pet friendly Deepavali

    Diwali maybe the most awaited festival of the year for us, but with the loud cracker noises, the blaring music, the crowd of people in every street and random sparkling objects shooting into the sky, it is also the most dreaded festival for animals.

    Let us pay heed to a few pointers to help our furry companions have a safe Diwali as well!

    1. Keep your pet away from fire crackers, explosives and other combustible items.
    2. Avoid feeding sweets, cakes and chocolates and savoury items.
    3. Keep your pet indoors, especially after dark to avoid injuries.
    4. Provide ample amount of fresh drinking water at all times.
    5. Mild decrease in appetite, shivering, hiding due to the sound of crackers is normal. However, observe pets with a history of seizures, as excitement or fright may lead to an episode. Play soothing musical tones and keep your pet in a dimly lit room to calm your pet and avoid a seizure.
    6. In case of a burn injury to your pet, immediately contact your vet. Wash the area with plain tap water and then, ice pack. Apply Burnol/Calendula solution onto the wound. If there is excessive bleeding, rush your pet to the nearest pet clinic/ hospital.
    7. Keep your pets on a short leash during walks the morning after Diwali to avoid accidental intake of cracker remains.
    8. Keep an eye out for helpless strays animals. If possible, be a foster parent to a stray dog or cat during Diwali.
    9. Remember to check below your car for any refugee dog/cat before backing out of the drive- way!

    CGS HOSPITAL wishes you and your pet a Safe and Happy Diwali!

    Our emergency helpline is 8826005580/82